Nerve by Jeanne Ryan

Summary: When Vee a Quiet high school student decides to be a “Player” in the online dare game NERVE she wanted to be seen, but how far is too far? When Vee advances in the dare rounds things start to challenge her more than she has ever known before. Then She meets Ian, her handsome dare partner. Can they win NERVE? Or will Vee forever be seen in the background?

Review: I loved this book. I will admit however I am a sucker for books that have daring characters. Characters that take chances and do something that doesn’t fit their personality. To me Vee is this character. The development and detail behind all the characters actions was quite thought out and I really admired that. This book keeps you on the edge, especially toward the ending, but it was the perfect balance of suspense and action. Ms.Ryan did a phanominal job of making intertwining relationships throughout the novel. The concept of crazy dares for money and prizes, in a way represents today’s society. People are always looking for attention, in hope of reward. People seek fame as a form of self validation. This theme is very subtle but very prevalent. Jeanne Ryan writes with such descriptions that make you visualize ever character and event vividly. I give major props to her for this book, the concept was exceptional in my opinion. My only criticism is that in the middle of the book it almost got predictable, and I found the watcher character at the end to be very unnecessary. A different route should have been taken to avoid the need for this extra random character. I also went to view the new motion picture based on the book. Everything is different, yet I can honestly say it’s one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time. None of the events are the same as the novel. Don’t expect the same ending, because it doesn’t exist.

Star rating: 3.5/5 (If I were reviewing the movie it would get 4.5/5 it’s rare I like a movie more than its book, but this was obviously an anomaly)

Stay Beautiful -Sydney Maddison 🙂


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