Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger

What would you do if a series events ultimately led to your life as you knew it was suddenly ripped apart?  Ridley Jones was living a normal life, until a string of actions changed everything.  Lies bubbled to the surface and when Ridley gets a mysterious package, she no longer knows who to trust.  As she struggles to understand what’s really going on, Ridley sets out to uncover the truth regardless of the consequences.

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written a review, but my goodness! This was a good book!  Honestly, I had NO idea how this book was going to end until I finished it.  My mom had suggested that I read this book and after every few chapters I had a new conspiracy theory as to what was going on.  Unfortunately, I was wrong pretty much every single time.  There was always a new plot twist which was very good for keeping me interested.  I also really liked how the author gave just enough information about characters to give a sense of familiarity, but then I was left wondering about what I didn’t know because everyone in this book has a secrets that they would take to the grave if they could.  It was sooo frustrating but so intriguing at the same time!

However, I must say that I wasn’t satisfied with the epilogue.  I was left wanting to know more about what happened after.  Maybe it’s just a personal preference, but I like to have a sense of finality and have a solid image of the characters  in their life after the book ends.  Also, I would have liked to know a little bit more about Ridley’s brother at the end of the book.  I found that there was quite a bit about him early on but then at the end I just wanted to know more about his life.

I would 100% recommend this to young adults and everyone older.  There are some things that happen that isn’t suited for young readers.  This was a great mystery crime novel, it left me guessing after every chapter.   I give this book two thumbs up for keeping the mystery till the end.

Keep Reading Books and Always be Happy ∼ Katie



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