About Us

“335 Pages” is a book review blog run by two young women based out of Manitoba, Canada. Both are avid readers who enjoy a wide variety of novels. They created this blog to help others find a good book to read, or perhaps find a new favourite pass time. Now lets meet the writers behind “335 Pages”.

Sydney Maddison Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy our blog! I’ve been reading books for as long as I can remember, and have always loved being immersed in a good story. When I read I always try to live the story and connect with characters. My reviews are my opinion only, and if you disagree feel free to tell me, I would love to hear your opinion! xoxo

Katie May– Hi Fellow Book Lovers!  I just want to say thanks for reading our blog and I really hope that you find our reviews helpful!  I really started reading books when I was about 11, and I haven’t stopped since.  I like reading books to escape the real world and I would love to get some great recommendations.  Please don’t hate on what I have to say in my reviews ’cause it’s my personal opinion.  That said don’t be afraid to tell me what you thought of my review! Keep Reading and Always be Happy!